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What's the deal? It's a game. You "deposit" funds and we "invest" them for you. And, while we're doing that we're taking as much out as we can get without it collapsing. But it will. And the person who makes the most money -or has the most left, anyway - at the end is the winner.
How do I win? Many ways. We're going to give prizes for most money made (less, of course, deposits since we give you that free) and largest percentage gain so that people who don't play as often have a chance to win, too. Plus, we're going to give prizes in all four categories, investors, feeder funds, regulators and employees.
Is that the best you can do? Actually, no. What we'd like to do is have all profits redeemable at some percentage of real American money. But, since we don't actually invest funds (it's the Madoff way), we are going to have to rely on sponsors, advertisers, subscribers and federal bailouts to fund this conversion. So it's up you to click on ads, buy stuff, and write your representatives in Washington.
Are you serious? OK. OK. We'll have an occasional cash or merchandise prize up there, usually in the "Regulatory" section.
How come I can't keep making deposits and withdrawls? Every level of each role has limits. If you look at the box to the right of you account information you can see how many transactions you can make in a given period. You can also see the dollar amounts allowed there.
How can I become a feeder fund? Well, you can wait patiently and accoumulate wealt as an investor until you qualify for that role. Or you could beg. Or write a check.
Where's the leader board? We're working on it.
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