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Regulators are essential to the success of Madoff Capital. It would be impossible to attract new funds without the assurances provided to investors by the regulatory authorities. The principals of Madoff Capital are intimately familiar with this process and those people in roles as varied as being the subjects of extensive ongoing investigations and as being the spouses of regulatory officials.

Madoff Capital also recognizes the importance of the role that the media play in policing the investment community. And, while they cannot yet put a monitor around your ankle, they do have their own special abilty to hobble someone they find less than forthcoming.

Madoff Capital is also keenly, if not painfully, aware of the part played by "whistleblowers" in bringing abuses to light. And, while we appreciate the fact that most are dismissed lightly, we realize that some of them may not be entirely wrong.

Madoff Capital is allowing all interested parties to access company data and to act as regulators here. We are nothing, if not transparent. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact us. Remember, Confidence.

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